Volunteers play a vital role in the success of our organization. If you are interested in sharing your time and energy with us, please email volunteer@discoveryhouse.ca to learn more and schedule an interview. Please note that all volunteers will need to complete security clearance.

Front desk 

  • Provide general day to day support and care of clients and guests

  • Greet Discovery House guests and residents appropriately

  • Receive and direct phone calls and take messages as required

  • Keep the reception area, front entrance and resident lobby clean and tidy  

Donation centre organizing and cleaning 

  • Cleaning and dusting shelves

  • Organize and arranging donations respectively on the shelves

  • Cleaning and mopping the donation room occasionally. 

Food pantry organizing and cleaning 

  • Cleaning fridge and disposing expired food

  • Organize and stack food items on the shelves

  • Cleaning and mopping the pantry room occasionally

Shelter suite

  • Painting (common area, units, pantry, etc.)

  • Decorating (artwork, design)

  • Doing basic repairs

  • Preparing suites for new families

Child Development Centre

  • Engaging in one-on-one play and/or group activities with children 

  • Preparing and serve snacks to the children

  • Attending to the children’s basic needs such as diaper changes and cleaning

Board of Directors and Community Committees

As a member of the Board, a director acts in a position of trust and is collectively responsible with other directors for the effective governance of Discovery House. The primary responsibility of the Board is to set the mission and vision for Discovery House and to put in place the strategy and the policies to see them realized. Board members are elected for one three-year term and can be re-elected for a second three-year term.

Community members with specific knowledge and expertise are also invited to join a committee of the Board as non-voting members to participate in the business of the committee. Community members are appointed to a committee for one year but can be reappointed for additional years depending on the need of the organization and willingness of the community members