When a woman leaves, it might be after months or even years of planning, an escape in the middle of the night, or a spontaneous exit when a rare opportunity presents itself. 

Discovery House is about hope. From the moment they walk through the yellow door their lives are changed. 



Discovery House is a wonderful place for my daughter and me. It’s a life that’s safe and has a lot of support. I’m working though a safety plan and building my mental and emotional strength so that I can survive with my daughter.


After two weeks in an emergency shelter, I moved into Discovery House. I started gaining hope. I felt at peace. I knew I was safe. I gained my confidence and found my voice. I was getting all the help and support I could get. My husband used to call me a nobody; now I know I am a somebody. I am worthy.


 I feel honoured to speak about my experience with Discovery House. As a new immigrant to Canada, facing domestic violence issues with two little kids, I had zero knowledge of my rights, safety planning, or how to protect my kids, until I became a resident of Discovery House. 


The beauty of Discovery House is they employ a wraparound approach in helping women. Intervention is holistic, and always begins with emotional healing for women and their children, talent management, and ultimately independent living in the community. 


I was motivated to go back to school to study social work, to enable me to help women just like I have been helped. Discovery House trusted me to take up the challenge and offered me a comprehensive scholarship package, in addition to the housing they provided for me and my kids. 


I have now attended my convocation ceremony at the University of Calgary and today, I am a social worker. If there is one thing I gained from Discovery House, it is that my self-esteem has soared to the skies. I feel empowered, able to live independently in the community and make healthy choices.

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