Take a stand against domestic violence and host an event on behalf of Discovery House. Your event will help raise awareness as well as provide financial support for our organization. We welcome fundraising events and campaigns that you organize and host as this is an integral and important part of our fundraising activities. Every event and fundraiser brings us one step closer to ending domestic violence. Third Party events could include (but are not limited to):

  • Corporate or individual events or parties

  • Holiday party

  • Golf tournament

  • Car wash

  • Challenge events


Before you become a fundraiser, be sure to take a look at these 5 things to know before fundraising.


Here are some other resources (download all) you may find useful:

  • Supporter logo

  • Donation tracking sheet

  • Canada Helps page to create your own online fundraiser

Tell us about your event and submit an application here.

Cheque Donations

Ensure all cheques are made out to Discovery House Family Violence Prevention Society and submit within 30 days of your event. Please mail cheques to:

Discovery House Family Violence Prevention Society

PO Box 85058, Albert Park PO

Calgary, AB T2A 7R7

Cash Donations

If you are collecting cash donations at your event, please contact us here to arrange pickup and drop off of funds. Never send cash through the mail.

tax receipts

Discovery House is responsible for writing all tax receipts in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines. If you are collecting multiple donations, use the Discovery House donation form to track them. We will issue tax receipts for donations of $25 or more, so long as we have the name, full address and donation amount for each donor.

Per Canada Revenue Agency guidleines, we cannot issue tax receipts for the following fundraising items:

  • Merchandise you sell, such as flowers, cook books, chocolate bars

  • Purchased tickets for lotteries, bingos, draws, or games of chance

  • Purchased auction items

  • Event registration or ticket fees

  • Sponsorship fees


If you have any questions about collecting donations, please email us here.

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