Did you know that Alberta has one of the highest domestic violence rates in the country, and that domestic violence is on the rise in Calgary?


In 2018, Calgary Police received more than 21,000 domestic conflict calls, with more than 5,000 of those calls involving some form of physical violence. Given that an estimated 70% of spousal violence is unreported to police, these numbers represent only a fraction of incidents. 

Domestic violence: What you need to know

In Canada, 1 in 4 women experience intimate partner violence in their lifetime, regardless of culture or socio-economic profile. Approximately every 6 days, a woman in Canada is killed by her intimate partner.


Physical abuse is most commonly associated with domestic violence, but it can take many other forms. Abusive or violent behaviours may include:

  • physical abuse

  • sexual abuse

  • verbal abuse

  • psychological abuse

  • financial abuse

  • spiritual abuse

  • abuse of family, friends and pets


Victims of domestic violence will often show the following warning signs:

  • withdrawing from family and friends

  • not going out or doing activities they used to enjoy

  • exhibiting unexplained bruises or other injuries

  • showing signs of depression or anxiety 

  • having mood swings or showing changes in personality

  • leaving children alone, hungry, dirty or not dressed for the weather

  • having limited access to money or control of finances

  • abusing drugs or alcohol


Whether someone confides in you that they are experiencing domestic violence or you just suspect it, it’s important to be supportive. Here’s what you can do:


  • Know the warning signs of abuse.

  • Ask in a caring way if someone is hurting them.

  • Believe them when they tell you about abuse.

  • Help them access professional help and resources.

  • If they are in immediate danger, call 911. 

Discovery house: How we help

When a woman leaves an abusive relationship, it might be after months or even years of planning. It might be an escape in the middle of the night or a spontaneous exit when a rare opportunity presents itself.


Mothers and their children often initially land at an emergency shelter. But because a shelter is not a home, these scared and desperate women risk losing their children because they are now homeless. Emergency shelters deliver an essential, life-saving service for women and children until they can be placed in longer-term housing. That’s where Discovery House comes in.

Discovery House is a social-profit agency providing a continuum of care to women and children fleeing domestic violence. We provide long-term, stable housing coupled with professional support from case managers, mental health specialists, child and youth workers and housing liaisons. 


Innovative therapies plus one-on-one and group counselling ensure more than just daily needs are met. Wellness programs, savings programs and bursaries for education mean women and their children gain independence as they overcome trauma. 

More than a shelter

Discovery House is about hope. From the moment women and children walk through the yellow door, their lives are changed.

Providing a home that is safe and stable – that’s the HOUSE in Discovery House.

Helping mothers and children heal with innovative supports – that’s the DISCOVERY in Discovery House.

How You can help

The work done by Discovery House is effective and efficient – just $17,000 houses a family in the community for an entire year. This includes transportation, accommodation subsidy and relocation, as well as support workers and programming.


We rely on the generous support of Calgarians – individuals, community groups and corporations – to serve hundreds of families each year, or more as funding allows. 

Direct donations are the best way to help us keep costs down and serve more families. You can support us by hosting a fundraising event or donating securely online at discoveryhouse.ca/donate.

We are grateful to be Rejuvenation Dermatology Clinic's charity partner for the month of November. For each yellow-branded product sold during Family Violence Prevention Month, Rejuvenation will donate $5 to Discovery House.


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