Apartment Building

SAFE HOUSing in the community 


Using the housing-first model, our Community Housing Program (CHP) places families affected by abuse into long-term, stable rental housing in the community and provides the support necessary to help women and their children achieve their goals. This model has a strong history of success in housing the homeless and Discovery House was the first in Canada to apply it to domestic abuse situations. Last year, we supported more than 100 women and children through the Community Housing Program.

The program matches clients with available and affordable housing throughout the city by working with local partners such as the Calgary Homeless Foundation, Calgary Housing, and Horizon Housing. Our clients sign their own leases, but we work with them to understand lease agreements, their rights and responsibilities as tenants, and help find subsidies. We cover moving costs such as transportation and damage deposits, which are often barriers to securing housing. Although these clients are living independently in the community, they still have access to Discovery House programming and support, with our team helping them connect to community resources.


Allowing mothers and their children to be integrated into the community allows them to feel part of a neighbourhood, to enjoy outdoor space and to begin their journey to independence.